Understanding the Classifications of Snoring Devices

When a person is deprived of sleep, he or she tends to be irritable and exhausted, especially during the day time.  It can affect his social relationships with his or her clients, co-workers, supervisors, friends, parent, children, and spouse. A person who is both sleep deprived and a snorer, however, can double the damage to these social relationships. Understandably, a lot of couples have separated from each other just because of simply snoring.


But is snoring really just a simple condition? According to scientific studies, that is not always so. Snoring could only be a symptom of a more severe and aggravating disorder, thus the need for self-observation and regular check-ups. An EENT specialist, neurologist, and even a dentist could be consulted regarding snoring because of the various possible causes. These specialists may recommend to you to use an anti-snoring device. If you are hearing the term for the first time but you are willing to test out an anti-snoring device, it would be best to know and understand the different classifications of these devices even before thinking about buying one:

Anti-Snoring Device Classifications

  • Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs)

These devices are also called Mandibular Advancement Splints. The word “mandibular” means jaw, and the anti-snoring device functions to open the mouth and realign the jaw forward to prevent the user from snoring. The person’s airway tissues can be a cause of snoring, so the MADs can manipulate the tissues position to prevent the snoring. MADs can either work on the upper jaw, lower jaw, or both depending on the need of the user.

  • Tongue Stabilizing Devices (TSDs)

TSDs are specifically for sleeping apnea patients and these prevent the tongue from blocking the air passageway. TSDs keeps the tongue in place during sleep and it prevents the soft muscle from relaxing and blocking the throat.

  • Sleep Apnea Mouthpieces

Mouthpieces are specifically for obstructive sleep apnea patients. Because of the specificity of its purpose, a prescription from a specialist is required to acquire one. They can cost more than other devices, but they can prove to be worth it with the high quality and longevity of usability.

  • Anti Snore Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are similar to mouth pieces, except for the specificity of purpose, availability, lifespan, and cost. Mouth guards are for snorers caused by poor lifestyles and minor problems. They are usually cheap, usable from six months to two years, and are readily available in medical shops.

  • CPAP Chin Straps

CPAP is an acronym for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure—it is pertaining to a machine that provides constant air either through the mouth or nose to a sleeping apnea patient. One downside of the CPAP is that it can induce open-mouthed sleeping, and here is where a CPAP chin strap is important. The CPAP chin strap provides continuous air through the nose, while the straps around the user’s face will keep the mouth closed.

  • Anti Snore Chin Straps

These are almost the same as CPAP chin straps, except for the CPAP machine itself. Anti-snore chin straps are easy to use, and are accompanied by their own user manuals. The user should carefully follow these instructions to ensure positive results.

  • Nasal Dilators

This type of snoring device is put inside the nose to expand the nasal airways slightly. This prevents air blockage and it can also reduce the possibility of allergies. Nasal dilators are portable, inexpensive, and can last for several months if cleaned and taken care of. These can be used both for sleeping apnea patients or people who have minor snoring problems.

  • Nasal Strips

These are bandages that are specifically placed near the nostrils and on the nose bridge. Nasal strips regulate the nasal airways of the user and prevents that person from snoring.

  • Anti Snore Pillows

There are specially manufactured pillows that can regulate sleeping posture for snoring or sleep apnea patients. Usually, these pillows can effectively prevent snoring by forcing the user to sleep on his or her side, or on their backs. It takes a few weeks before a person gets used to the anti-snore pillows, so be very patient with its effectiveness.

  • Anti Snore Sprays

If a snorer is not comfortable with the intrusiveness of the usual snoring devices, he or she can opt for anti-snore sprays. These are sprayed onto the throat and can take a few days of adjustment. But once the user has adjusted to the spray, there is a possibility that he or she does not need to spray everyday to make it effective.

  • Vestibular Shields

These devices look like little shields for the mouth so that air will not pass through it. Vestibular shields encourage the user to breathe through the nose.

  • Earplugs for Snoring

Obviously, earplugs are not for stopping the person from snoring, but it can improve sleeping regularity. The snorer and people sleeping near snorers can use these to prevent getting woken up by loud snores. Be wary of the specifications of the earplugs to ensure that the level of noise can really be reduced.


Now I Got My Decent Sleep Back

stop-snoring-aidAs far as I know, I have been a very sleepy person since I was a kid. I am now 25, and I work in a university as a teacher. Working in the university really gets me tired to the bone but I see to it that I get enough sleep. I also used to be a snorer, especially in college. But now I don’t snore anymore because I made a way to prevent that.

During my third year, I was stuck with various projects, papers, reports, and all of those requirements teachers wanted for us to finish with limited time. My friends and I were doing all the studying we can everywhere and every time we had the chance—in the dorm, library, hallways, parks, during breaks, family dinners, weekend vacations and even during rock concerts and camping trips. We all needed to pass our subjects so we could graduate on time.

At first, I didn’t notice that I wasn’t really sleeping much and I was so tired each morning. I thought it was just the exhaustion from all the papers and projects, and I tried to mask the fatigue with coffee and playing the positive personality. But then during the Christmas vacation, I was back to my regular sleep, but I was still so tired in the morning. I felt so irritated with everything that my family thought I was going through some emotional stuff, but I wasn’t. When we went back to the university, we had more requirements than ever, and I swear we were all almost literally living in the library. Our free time was always library time, because we had so much reading to work on.

turning-alarm-offThat semester was the time we started sleeping in the library. We tried to do it silently and secretly since the librarians were strict and sleeping was prohibited in there. We also took turns so we won’t get caught. I know, that was really sneaky but we really needed a break. One day while I was sleeping, one of my friends woke me up in a rush. I was irritated at first because no one ever does that, even it took one of us an hour or so. I asked her why she did that, and what she said baffled me. She told me I was snoring so loud that other people were noticing she had to wake me up as fast as she could. I looked around me and saw people from nearby tables sniggering. I wasn’t convinced; I asked our other friends and they said it was true and that we were lucky that none of the librarians ever heard me.

Then, a student went to our table and pardoned himself for intruding. He told me in a serious tone that I should get some help and talk to a doctor. My friends and I laughed at first, but I noticed that he was really serious about it. I thanked him and he went away without a word. The next weekend, I cleared my schedule so I could get to a hospital and have a check-up. That kid was right: I had sleep apnea and I needed to buy an anti-snoring device for my condition. I was so shocked and embarrassed at myself, but was relieved that this could be corrected. I immediately bought one recommended by the specialist and used it as soon as I got some sleep. I slept in the dorm that night with my friends and so I asked them if I snored during the night. We slept together for a week and they told me that I was not snoring anymore. Also, I don’t feel so tired in the morning anymore. It worked! Thanks to that guy who alerted me about a condition I didn’t even knew it ever existed.

Eventually we found that guy again in the library, and he immediately became a part of the group. We would always appreciate all the help we can get from our friends.

What would be a wise thing to do if you are a snorer ?

Snoring is claimed to be due to you experiencing air obstruction in your top respiratory tract. This circumstance could be eased by utilizing a snoring mouth item called rest pro. The tool aids you to distribute air  properly, oxygen is distributed in your physical body which assists you to lead a healthy and energetic life. All these solutions could be chosen to quit snoring when you locate that your snoring is still hefty, after that this might be a thumbs-up that you could be experiencing various other illnesses such as hyper-tension or a problem called apnea.It is for that reason that’s a good idea to look for a clinical help to stay clear of major problems from happening.

What are the some natural ways that could help you to fight against snoring problem ? Make use of a much stronger cushion to rest on. This solution functions as a method to turning off snoring as soft cushions are claimed to urge your throat muscle mass to become softer . You will certainly have a challenging time breathing when you rest, also that could trigger throat to start generating loud noises which we call snoring. Thus stronger cushions are advised.

natural snoring treatmentGetting rid of smoking habit accompanies to guarantee that you do not snore throughout your bedtime. Research study has it that, when you smoke or breathe in  smoke filled space from another person’s cigarette, you could experience swelling of your throat. This will certainly trigger the throat to limit the airway means of breathing in a way that doesn’t induces snoring . Because of this factor, throat cells in the neck shake every single time you breathe in or breathe out air and also then loud audios are made  this in fact is called snoring. As a result if you decide to quitting smoking it will increase the likelihood of resting quietly and also this then boosts your wellness.

Did you knew that snoring impacts a lot of people worldwide. If you are snoring this produces a great deal of interruption to you as well as to your bed companion. Different methods to quit snoring are currently offered to assist you in this endeavor .  There are various aspects in which snoring gadgets are developed to quit individuals from snoring. The pure sleep mouthguard is a good device that has support of many reviewers, but not everyone agrees – this striking pure sleep review reveals why it’s not such a great device afte rall  . The supreme objective is to open up the air passage in the rear of the throat to minimize the resonance. These gadgets undoubtedly intend to assist individuals to easing the snoring. The mouth pieces and also the chin bands elevate the mandible in order to support the rear of the throat.  These gadgets can be found in various types – breathing strips for the nostrils, CPAP equipments, chin bands, mouth pieces, as well as mouth sprays, there are many reviews on the internet that compare those devices,  you can read why this my snoring solution review is so positive and compare it among other similar stop snoring devices. If these gadgets do not function for you, you should remember that snoring is a significant health and wellness risk, so it might be wise to choose a surgical treatment. Poor rest could additionally cause heart issues considering that as you are having a hard time breathing, your blood stress boosts. Hypertension causes clogged up arteries, which could result in strokes and also cardiac arrest. Consult with a medical specialist before arriving to any particular decision.