Me and My Husband’s ZQuiet Review

sleeping-apnea-testWhen I married my husband, I accepted that he will never be perfect; he has his own flaws and will develop more flaws in the future. This is not being negative in my opinion. I just wanted to be practical and prepared for some headaches induced by my husband’s shortcomings later in time. Nevertheless, I became a patient wife to him. Most of the time, I resist the urge of nagging because I did not want him to feel more exhausted, since I know that his days at the office was tiring him to the bone.

A year after our wedding, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. She became the most precious being to us as a couple, so we made everything perfect for her so that she could have a great start at life. My husband was so motivated at work when we had our daughter, to the point that he got promoted at work. That year was our best year—it was perfect, or so we thought.

As someone said this quote, great power comes great responsibility. My husband was more exhausted than ever because of the intensity of his tasks at the office. He started snoring, and it was the most horrible snoring I have ever heard in my entire life. I could not sleep a wink during the night. Luckily, our daughter was sleeping in the next room with a nanny, so she could not hear the snoring at first. But after a few nights, my daughter started hearing the snores. She could not sleep and she howled a few times each night. My husband would partly wake up from the baby’s crying so he would tell me to check on her, then he sleeps right after telling me that. Those nights were the most infuriating nights of my married life, and I almost hit my sleeping husband with the pillows right on the face.

But just for the sake of patience and preventing further disturbances, I talked to my husband as soon as he had the free time. I told him about how I had been sleepless during the night and sleepy in the mornings, while our baby cried so much because of his snoring condition. At first he was surprised about it because he never knew he snored. He almost laughed at what I said, but he stopped himself before that because he saw how seriously mad I was internally. He knew he should do something about it as soon as possible, because I rarely got angry about anything.

That same weekend, he scheduled for a consultation with a doctor, and soon we were out looking for a mouth guard that was recommended by the doctor. I then remembered a friend telling me about a mouth guard she used so I immediately phoned her. She told me it was named ZQuiet. Certainly, we bought one as soon as possible. The first night of ZQuiet was the best sleep of my married life. My husband never snored even once, and my daughter’s sleep never got disturbed by the snores again. The nanny was quite happy too, since she had enough sleep for her to take care of the baby with her full potential. Basically, our life as a family have returned back to its normal state, thanks to ZQuiet.

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